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All rental rates are per day (USD).
There is a $50 minimum on all rental orders.


Description Rate
Arri D12 HMI Arri D12 fresnel 1200 W flicker free complete HMI system $250.00
Joker-Bug 800 800W complete HMI system $300.00
5K Arri Kit 2 Arrilite 2000W open faced with focus flood, 1 1000W Arri T1 focusing fresnel, includes stands, barndoors, scrims and travel case $150.00
Arri Fresnel Kit Large 2 300's, two 650's, scrims, barndoors, stands, Chimera and case $130.00
Arri D4 Fresnel Kit 2 150's, one 300, one 650, scrims, stands and case $130.00
Kino Flo Gaffer Kit (2) 4 foot 4 lamp units w/ replacement bulbs (5600/3200K), egg crate, flozier diffusion and case $140.00
Kino Flow Diva-Lite Kit Kino Flow Diva-Lite kit w/ replacement bulbs (5600/3200K), built in ballast, egg crate, flozier diffusion, travel case $100.00
Arrilite 2k Arrilite 2k open-faced with focus flood and barndoors $50.00
Arri T1 1000W Fresnel Arri T1 1000W focusing fresnel with barndoors $40.00
Arri 650 W Fresnel Arri 650W Fresnel, scrims, barndoors $30.00
Arri 300W Fresnel Arri 300W Fresnel, scrims, barndoors $30.00
Arri 150W Fresnel Arri 150W fresnel, scrims, barndoors $25.00
LITE Panels Mini Plus 2 w/ dimmers, 12v battery/AC adapter $95.00
Chimera/Arri 650 Chimera and speed ring for Arri 650 fresnel $10.00


Description Rate
C-Stand 40" C-Stand 40" $7.00
C-Stand 20" C-Stand 20" $6.00
Combo Stand Combo stand $7.00
Crank-O-Vator stand Crank-O-Vator stand $35.00
Sky High Stand Sky high stand $11.00
Combo Stand Triple Riser Combo stand triple riser $10.00
Med. Roller Stand Medium roller stand $8.00
Jr. Roller Stand Jr. roller stand $7.00
Baby Blade Baby blade stand $6.00
Jr. Roller Lowboy Stand Jr. roller lowboy stand $6.00
Matthews Pole 15 15' math pole $17.00
Matthews Pole 8 8' math pole $9.00
Matthews Pole 4 4' math pole $6.00

Grip Equipment

Description Rate
12X12 Frame 12'X12' Frame $31.00
12X12 Cloth 12'X12' single, double, solid, silk, griff, green $36.00
6x6 Frame 6'X6' frame $25.00
6x6 Cloth Single, double, solid, silk, griff, green $25.00
4x4 Floppy 4'X4' solid floppy $10.00
4X4 Frame 4'X4' open frame $8.00
42X42 Reflect 42"X42" Reflector with 5/8" spud $28.00
48X48 Flag or Scrim 48"X48" flag or scrim $5.00
24X48 Flag 24"X48" Flag $4.00
24X36 Flag or Scrim 24"X36" flag or scrim $5.00
18X24 Flag or Scrim 18"X24" flag or scrim $4.00
12x18 Flag or Scrim 12"X18" flag or scrim $4.00
24X60 Flag 24"X60" Flag $4.00
Foam Core Plate Foam core plate $3.00
Full Apple Box Full Apple Box $3.00
Half Apple Box Half Apple Box $3.00
Quarter Apple Box Quarter apple box $3.00
Pancake Pancake $3.00
Baby Nail On Plate Baby nail on plate $3.00
Bar Clamp With 5/8 Spud Bar Clamp With 5/8 Spud $4.00
Bar Clamp With Baby Spud Bar clamp with baby spud $3.00
C Clamp With Spud C clamp with spud $3.00
5/8-Baby ADPT 5/8" to baby spud adapter $2.00
Gaffer Clamp With Baby Spud Gaffer clamp with baby spud $3.00
Gator Grip Gator grip $3.00
Jr. Triple Header Jr. triple header $5.00
Mafer Clamp Mafer clamp $4.00
Sand Bag Sand bag $3.00
Furniture Blanket Furniture blanket $2.00
Stinger 50' extension chord $4.00

Grip Truck

Description Rate
Grip Truck Fully loaded with taco cart, stands, flags, scrims, 6'X6', 12'X12', electrical, reflectors, rigging, hardware, and expendables - Lighting is ala carte, pay for the piece when you use it $300.00
Grip Truck Mileage 50 cents per mile $0.50


Description Rate
Sony PXW-FS7 Sony FS7 body/3 batteries/2 64gb XQD cards/accessories $400.00

Lenses & Accessories

Description Rate
Metabones E to EF adapter Metabones E mount to EF lens adapter $50.00
4X4 Filter kit Century Optics-ND.6/.6graduated/Polarizer/Frost/Skin $40.00
Matte Box Chrosziel matte box w/ 2 filter holders and french flag $25.00
Panasonic 17" HD Field Monitor Panasonic BT-LH1710P with PortaBrace Casing $175.00
Canon 100mm Lens Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro IS USM Lens $35.00
Canon 50mm Lens Canon EF 50mm f/1.4USM Lens $25.00
Canon 24mm Lens Canon 24mm f/1.4 USM Lens $30.00
Canon 14mm Lens Canon EF 14mm f/2.8 USM Lens $30.00
Teleprompter Prompter People Flex 15 Reversing Teleprompter $225.00

Support Systems

Description Rate
Sachtler DV12 Tripod Sachtler DV12 3 stage tripod $75.00
Doorway Dolly Matthews Round-D-Round doorway dolly $150.00
Konova K Slider 3120-NA12 DSLR and smaller camera dolly system, 47.2 inches in length $100.00
Hot Button Dolly Wheels Matthews hot button dolly track wheels $30.00
Travato Jib Jib attaches to doorway dolly $85.00
Car Mount Kit Kit for car camera mount
Baby Legs Tripod Baby legs tripod $45.00
10' Straight Track Matthews 10' straight track $20.00
8' Straight Track Matthews 8' straight track $15.00
4' Straight Track Matthews 4' straight track $10.00
4' Curved Track Matthews 4' curved track $10.00


Description Rate
ENG Audio Package
Sound devices 633 mixer/recorder, Lectrosonics SRB5p dual receiver with,(2) UM400a Transmitters and 2 Sanken COS 11D lavalier mics, Sennheiser,416 shotgun mic, Sennheiser MKH 50 supercardiod mic, K-Tech boom pole,,portabrace case w/ harness, all necessary cables, CF and SD cards, all necessary accessories and expendables $400.00